Do you have to get sick before you get HEALTHY?

Why is it that a Chiropractic adjustment can sometimes help other symptoms that I am having besides pain in the spine?
October 24, 2016
Be a Smarty Pants: Take care of your back before you get smacked with Back Pain
November 30, 2016
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Do you have to get sick before you get HEALTHY?

We have your solution- MAINTENANCE CARE!!

You should not wait until you get sick to be devoted to your health. Chiropractic can help you before obvious symptoms occur. People take care of their vehicles better than their bodies. You can always get a new car, but you have one spine to last you a lifetime!!

So how can maintenance chiropractic adjustments help, you ask?
Unbalance in your body can cause fatigue, lack of energy, premature aging and degeneration which can put you at risk for disease. Just as you get the oil changed on your car every 3,000 miles to maintain the integrity of your car, you should also view your body as important. Once a month to once every three months’ maintenance visits can ward off a problem before it begins. This allows your body less stress and more balance.

A problem can take years to develop before you have symptoms. At that point it takes a lot more time, energy and money to correct it. The dental industry has done an excellent job in educating patients on the importance of maintenance.
The damage from a vertebral misalignment builds up slowly and gradually. It can start as basic fatigue, stiffness, one shoulder higher than another, foot flaring, postural changes and more. This can progress into pain.

Drugs are NOT the answer!! They may reduce your symptoms but do not address the cause. Take action! Be healthy! Be aggressive when it comes to your health. Be that older person that everyone is jealous of!! MAINTAIN YOUR HEALTH!